Quick Tips

What Qualities Make a Great Manager?

“Great managers inspire talented people to stay with a company. Even if a company offers inspiring leadership, great benefits and perks, good pay and training programs, employees base their tenure on the quality of the relationship with their manager. Successful talent management requires managers to consciously engage employees ...[…]

What is Talent Management?

“Talent Management is the process of improving how people are acquired, developed, deployed, motivated and retained. Among the traditional business functions that Talent Management includes are recruitment and selection, coaching and training, succession planning, and performance management, which includes motivational incentives...[…]

Making the Case for Human Capital Solutions

“It’s time for new management thinking when it comes to making decisions about people. Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions include recruitment strategy, hiring methods, training and coaching programs, incentive plans, and succession planning, promotion criteria, will determine your business out...[…]

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