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Talent Recruitment and Selection Services


Candidate Sourcing and Talent Assessments

Whether you are hiring supervisors, managers, selecting sales talent, or trying to find office administrators or service staff, our talent recruitment and selection strategies will help you hire the most qualified candidates.

A good job post should be like a well-prepared, one-minute speech having a good “hook” (attention-getting), a great “body” (brief job description with a link to an attractive comprehensive job description, and a brief list of the benefits and the perks), followed by a strong conclusion or close (Why you should apply for this opportunity!)  To identify the best candidates for your open position we begin by building a High Performer Model which involves interviews and assessments of several of your current high performers in the job. We design an online pre-qualifying questionnaire, that provides an applicant ranking score. Next, we place online job postings in strategic locations, to generate a pool of candidates. We conduct brief phone interviews with pre-qualified candidates resulting in a ranking of the top ten candidates. We have these top ten candidates complete Job Fit and Manager Fit Assessments. Then we send you all the information collected on the top five candidates. You conduct the final interviews and background checks and make your selection and offer. Of course, we have the detailed information collected available on all ten candidates if you want to interview all ten.

The Quality of Information Collected Equals the Quality of Hire

Our typical time to fill positions is as follows: Customer Service (5 days), Office Administrators (10 days), Sales Professionals (20 days), Supervisors (20 days), Managers (30 days), Senior Managers (45 days).   Contact us to request cost estimates.


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Recruitment Service Guarantee

We guarantee our placements for 60 days. If your selected candidate quits or is terminated before 60 days, we will replace at no additional cost. Contact us to learn more.