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High Impact Sales Talent Management


High Impact Sales Talent Management is a free webinar focused on increasing your annual sales by reversing the 80/20 Rule through the use of high performer models (HPM’S).

Sales representatives are your company’s life blood. They’re the focal point between your company’s reputation and profitability, and as such effective sales talent management should be a top priority. Still, in a recent Sales Benchmark Index produced by the U.S. Department of Labor it was found that:

  • The average turnover rate in sales is about 40%
  • The cost of turnover in sales positions is usually about 1.5 times their annual compensation

If your have high sales turnover, we can help. We have a proven high impact sales talent management system that can enable you to identify, develop, and retain high performing sales representatives. Join us for the free online webinar to learn about these new methods and technologies that can as much as double your annual sales revenues.

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Sales Talent Management Celebrates Competitive Spirit!

High-performing salespeople enjoy winning and they want recognition for their efforts. It’s not surprising to see how motivating and infectious this type of recognition can be to the entire sales organization. Talented salespeople are competitive at heart. They’re in sales because they love to win. Fostering this competitive spirit in a constructive manner can make the difference between a good sales team and a “world class” one. Neil Clark, invites you to join him for a one hour online webinar to learn how you can as much as double your annual sales through high impact sales talent management!  During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • Integrating your sales talent assessment and coaching strategies
  • Monitoring sales rep selection accuracy using your high performer models
  • Adding more pay-for-performance incentives and tracking sales staff tenure
  • Linking sales performance with job satisfaction metrics including absenteeism and turnover
  • Creating a high performance sales culture through innovative incentives and rewards systems (more than $)
  • Reversing the 80/20 rule in your sales team by replacing your bottom performers (20%) with high performers

When: The fourth Tuesday of each month

Cost: FREE