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Human Capital Solutions

For over 20 years, our human capital solutions have helped businesses find and hire top performers. We help managers measure: job fit, manager fit, team fit, job performance, workplace engagement, job satisfactions and tenure.Whether you’re running a call center, a sales organization, or an entire business, our services will help you recruit, hire, manage and retain high performing employees.

Hiring Services

From workforce planning, to recruitment strategy, to pre-employment assessments, our services will be tailored to your company. If you are looking to reduce your hiring costs and reduce time to fill your open positions, then we can help.

Employee Management

Employee management is probably the most challenging aspect of your business. All companies want to improve employee productivity, but how often do they examine their own management practices as a means of attaining it? Studies consistently show that a disturbingly high number of non-management employees are disengaged, not working at full productive capacity. As the future of work continues to shift, your employee management methods can evolve with it, rebooting your approach to an already challenging job. Even the best managers can benefit from taking time to fine-tune their approaches.We offer tailored solutions for manager performance reviews, performance-based management, sales talent management , and call center talent management.

Manager Training

An employee’s relationship with his or her direct manager is the most important single factor in employee engagement. It all starts with this key relationship. If your managers are doing their job you’ll have a productive workforce. If they’re not doing their job, get ready for absenteeism, turnover and other productivity drains. Engaged employees are happier and more productive. Disengaged employees are frustrated and more disruptive. The basics of sound management aren’t rocket science, which is why companies ought to get them right. Your young managers of today will become your leaders of tomorrow. Our manager training is focused on team building, management development, organization development, and stress management.

Human Capital Research

Best Practices in any discipline requires an integration of research findings and tried and tested field methods. Using the available talent management research saves our clients substantial time and money. We want to leverage the most recent research and apply it for your benefit. We provide research in the following areas:

  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Selection Strategy
  • Retention Strategy
  • Productivity Metrics
  • Performance Metrics

When you know precisely what business outcomes you want, your talent acquisition and talent management becomes much smarter and simpler. Contact us to learn how