A qualified candidate has most of the talents, competencies and human qualities you are looking for. How will you know?

The Key to Hiring Smart is to only spend time interviewing Qualified Candidates.

How will you know if a candidate has the talents, competencies or human qualities you are looking for? A combination of an online pre-qualifying questionnaire and online pre-employment assessments can be used to pre-qualify your candidates. Think of online pre-qualifying questions as the first step in evaluating candidates on their suitability for the job. Pre-qualifying questions aren’t intended to replace an interview. Instead, they gather more candidate information prior to interviews. All applicants should get the same pre-qualifying questions so that you can directly compare candidates. Resume ranking of education and experience also pre-qualifies your candidates.

The Quality of Information Collected Equals the Quality of Hire

Typical time needed to generate a group of qualified candidates:

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