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Prevue Assessment

Prevue Assessment helps you hire top performers for Sales and Management Jobs. It is also used for coaching, team development, and succession planning. The Prevue Assessment is one of the most powerful and precise methods for measuring and matching work-related characteristics of candidates. Hiring, employee development, and promotion decisions made with the assistance of the Prevue Assessment provide immediate and measurable returns for our clients. Companies who use Prevue Assessment experience:

  • An increase in their hiring success rate
  • A reduction in overall turnover
  • An increase in employee performance and productivity


The process of intelligently choosing staff is one of the most difficult tasks a company faces. Prevue Hiring reports are designed to help answer the following questions:

Do you have a profile of what the ideal candidate looks like?Have you identified the differential qualities between high performers and low performers in the position?Do you spend too much of your time trying to salvage bad hires?
Do you have a method for predicting turnover in your position?
Can the person do the Job? Scores below the Cognitive Ability Benchmarks indicate they likely can’t do the job. Scores above the Cognitive Ability Benchmarks indicate they may not be challenged enough in the job. Both frequently lead to Turnover.

How well will they do the Job? Scores outside the Personality Benchmarks indicate that their personality is not a good fit for the job, and the further outside the benchmarks their scores are, the less likely they will perform well in the job. Job Suitability of 85% or higher indicates a high probability (i.e. prediction) that they will be a high performer. Given a choice between candidates, we usually hire the candidates with the higher or highest Job Suitability Scores, within the context of all information gathered on the candidates.

Will they do the job? Scores outside the Motivation/Interest Benchmarks indicate whether they like to Work with People, Work with Data, or Work with Things (e.g. machines). People who have to perform work that is not aligned with their interests and motivations often become dissatisfied or dis-engaged, which also leads to turnover – assuming they can find work that better matches their interests and motivations.

Can you interview the candidate’s Challenge Areas? The Selection reports contain behavioral interview questions focused on those areas where the Candidate does not fit the established benchmarks. A combination of the standardized assessments and these structured interview questions helps us avoid hiring mistakes and helps guide us to select the candidate with the highest probability (i.e. Prediction) of success.

Can you identify potential de-railers?The Working Characteristics Reports answer the following questions about the candidate: How do they prefer to be paid? How important is work to them? Do they make risky decisions? How do they deal with change? What is their perception of the world?


The Prevue Assessment measures 24 different characteristics of your employees. The Prevue Coaching reports use this information to build strategies for leveraging employees’ strengths and compensating for their weaknesses. Many employees find themselves making little progress in their position, leading to dissatisfaction in the workplace. Prevue Coaching reports help you understand how your employees engage with their work. The Approach to Work scales are derived from the personality scales. The Corporate Coach Report provides a better understanding of your employee’s approach to several significant work situations or requirements that are expected in their position. Corporate Coach is a user guide or quick reference guide to working well with this person.

Using the Personal Development Report One of the challenges management faces in coaching and training individuals is the process of correctly identifying developmental needs. The Personal Development Report provides specific coaching and training information by matching the candidate’s assessment results to the position’s benchmark. For each particular competency in the benchmark the manager is provided with a starting point that identifies the appropriate skills or competencies required for the specified position.

Using Prevue Results in Coaching Sales Performance At a time when company sales performance is coming under greater pressure, organizations are looking for new ways to build an internal cadre of sales coaches that know how to: 1) Motivate and deliver consistent sales results 2) Onboard and develop new sales talent 3) Innovate new sales strategies, getting the edge on competitors 4) Clarify the organization’s core values, best sales practices, professional conduct and ethics. Just like the Sports industry, superior coaching in business is one of the requirements for winning.

Six Billion Dollars Spent on Sales Training Each Year In spite of this large investment in training sales talent, the research shows: 99% don’t set good objectives; 95% talk too much; 86% ask ineffective questions; 82% don’t differentiate; 62% don’t earn the business.

Training the SALES Coach We train and support the Internal Sales Coach so they can be the winning coach in their market. Training the SALES Coach is a proven, sales talent development and coaching process that applies a combination of the following strategies: high sales performer modeling; group feedback of essential sales competencies; individual feedback of sales strengths and weaknesses; sales audits and group analysis for the Sales Manager; individual coaching strategies (quick reference guide) for each salesperson; individual sales performance reviews, customizing sales questions that facilitate the sale; strategies for differentiating from competitors; communicating your Value Proposition; annual monitoring of sales revenues, turnover and coaching results (ROI).

Succession Planning & Promotion

The current state of the labor market has created intense competition for employees. The increasing labor shortage requires companies to increasingly count on existing employees to fill future vacancies within their organizations. A proactive succession planning program is a virtual necessity for a company to remain competitive, given today’s changing workforce demographics. Succession planning is not only identifying the future leaders of a company but also planning for potential vacancies throughout the organization. Prevue Succession Planning and Promotion Solutions accomplish both of these functions, providing you with the answers you need to plan for the future.

Team Development

The Prevue Team Development Report is designed to help team members improve their understanding of the individual differences existing within the team. Each member brings different talents, motivations, work styles, strengths and weaknesses into the team dynamics. This is why a team performs better than an individual. The team’s performance can be improved to the extent that each member understands the other member’s differences.

The goal of the Prevue Team Development report is to bring more clarity about each member’s:
Problem-solving ability and learning speed Working with Numbers, Words, Shapes
Passions for people, data or things Working with People, Data or Things
Reactions to stress, pressure, and coping style Stable, Poised and Relaxed
Interpersonal relations, temperament and values Independent, Competitive, Assertive
Capacity and preference to work in a team Extraverted, Group-Oriented, Outgoing
Work style 1 flexible or rigid, traditional or non-traditional, creative or plan ahead
Work style 2 introversion- working alone or extraversion-working in groups
Desire for frankness or social desirability

“Prevue Assessments are a great tool to help ensure we are hiring for job fit. Our turnover for hard to ­fill positions is down signi­ficantly, well worth the investment.”  – Lori Howe, Director of People Potential, at Scotia Dealer Advantage

“We have been using Prevue Assessments to hire all our sales staff for now going on to our third year. We don’t hire anyone withou ­first measuring their Job Fit using this excellent HR tool.” – Steve Glover, Senior Vice President at Compugen