Customer Service Profile

The Customer Service Profile is used to measure how well a candidate fits your customer service job. It includes a customer service skills assessment and a customer service representative assessment. There are also vertical specialty versions available in hospitality, healthcare, financial services, and retail. The Customer Service Profile measures: Trust, Tact, Behavioral Traits, Empathy, Conformity, Focus, Flexibility, Vocabulary and Numerical.

“We recently used the Customer Service Profile as a training tool to help our existing staff better understand their strengths and weaknesses. I found the survey most helpful in identifying areas that our team members both excel at and can use additional training.” – Aimee Hathaway, Human Resources Manager

“We use Customer Service Profile™ to select customer service reps who fit the culture of the clients that they serve. This results in more satisfied customers, and it helped us improve reps retention by 45%.” – James Hanson, Human Resource Manager

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