Here are a few ideas worth evaluating to see if they can add value to your recruitment and staffing process:

Update Your Career Page

Include the company’s vision, mission and core values. Make sure your brand identity is clear.  Explain what sets your company apart from other businesses.

Make sure your career page is mobile friendly. Post a recruitment video that communicates your company story. In the video show your candidates what it would

be like to work in your company. Provide your diversity statistics. Develop a FAQ section for your candidates. Include a brief message from the CEO.

Post Employee Testimonials via Podcasts

Showcase some of your employees with a few 10 minute podcasts. This is a great way to provide some insights into your employees' personalities and the jobs they do at the company.

Create a few storytelling podcasts that highlight the job specifications and attract the best candidates. Candidates often complain that job specifications don’t give enough information and they are often impersonal. Podcasts can enable a deeper presentation of their ideal candidate for the position. Candidates get a more complete idea of the role and the company before applying.

Start More Conversations with Chatbots

When you first land on the career page, a chatbot can pop up and asks the candidate if they have any questions regarding the company. Depending on what candidates ask the chatbot, they will receive a tailored response with further information on the company’s culture, the benefits and the steps of their hiring process. The chatbot is a great use of automation that allows candidates to ask questions 24/7. The chatbots can save recruiters a lot of time answering basic questions.

Maintain Communications with Previous Candidates

Keep in contact with previous candidates. When a new position opens up, they should be the first people to know. This allows the company to keep previous candidates in the recruitment pipeline.

Develop an Employee Referral Program

An employee referral program is a recruitment strategy whereby employers encourage current employees, through cash rewards, to refer qualified candidates for jobs in their organizations. It is a proven strategy because recruiters have long known what the research confirms: Employee-referred new hires tend to be better performers than nonemployee-referred new hires. Employee-referred new hires usually have a longer tenure than nonemployee-referred new hires. Employee referral programs are more cost-effective than other recruitment strategies and often are the fastest way to fill a position.

Recruit Candidates with Disabilities

Use welcoming language to attract qualified candidates with disabilities. Here are a few examples. We encourage people with disabilities and from other diverse backgrounds to apply. We do not discriminate based on disability. We provide reasonable accommodations as needed to people with disabilities. Our office is wheelchair accessible.

Host a Event

Recruiting top talent can be achieved by consistently by meeting new people who show an interest in your industry or your company. provides a space for people to learn about your company and your jobs. Candidates can support one another within their job search network.

Host a Virtual Event

A virtual event can allow people who are interested in your company to learn more about it. Virtual events can include people who live far away to participate.

Recruit Veterans

Veterans may be looking for their first civilian career since serving in the military. Partnering with veterans' associations can be a great way to recruit new employees. You can also include welcoming statements on your career page about your commitment to hiring veterans.

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