A Realistic Job Preview (RJP) is a Recruitment and Staffing Solution used to communicate both the good and bad aspects of a job. It provides a candidate with a realistic view of what the job entails. The value it adds to recruitment and staffing is that it helps a candidate determine if they are a good match for the job. The RJP is a candidate self-evaluation tool, not an objective talent selection assessment. It can help reduce turnover by weeding out candidates who don’t like some specific aspects of the job. The RJP should be introduced early in the recruitment process.

How to Create a Realistic Job Preview

First you need to decide whether your RJP will be in written format or in video format. You will need to interview current employees in the position. Ask them to identify and list the best aspects of the job. Then have them list the worst aspects. Ask them what they wish they would have known prior to accepting the job. It is good to balance a few positive aspects with a few negative aspects in the RJP.

Multimedia presentations

RJPs using multimedia formats, such as video, CDs, or web-based presentations are more interesting to candidates. You can demonstrate what the position entails by showing employees engaged in the job.

Booklets or brochures

Booklets or brochures need to include both positive and negative aspects of the job. The materials can consist of glossy brochures or even photo albums compiled by the employees working in the job.

Group Presentations

Group presentations can be an entertaining way to discuss the positive and negative aspects of the position. Having a couple of current employees in the job is a great way for candidates to learn about the details. In RJP meetings, current employees explain in their own words what the job entails in terms of potential rewards, challenges, perks and benefits. Current employees need to be trained for the RJP presentations.

Pre-application job previews

Information is posted on the organization's website in a discussion forum. Current employees in the position facilitate the online discussions. These RJPs can include basic information, such as pay scale, benefits, general job responsibilities and requirements, work hours and job locations. Current employees monitor and respond to the inquiries.

Develop an RJP Evaluation Plan

Identify who will implement the RJP plan. Which managers, employees, and human resources staff will participate? Clarify the strategic intent of the RJP and the desired outcomes. Identify relevant job duties. Identify the aspects of the job that satisfy and dissatisfy employees. The RJP needs to blend the positive and negative information. Determine your preferred format. Consider resource and time constraints. Determine where the RJP will be introduced in the recruitment process. Monitor implementation to ensure the RJP plan is being followed. Evaluate the results that are obtained. Is the RJP having the desired impact on turnover in the position?

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