If your company is not using some of the new recruitment technologies to enhance your staffing process you are missing out on some competitive advantages. Here are some innovative technologies that provide Recruitment and Staffing Solutions USA. We have provided a brief review of these technologies to see if they suit your purposes:

Video Interviewing Platforms (VIP)

Spark Hire boasts over 6,000 customers. While many of their customers are small and medium sized businesses, they do have Fortune 500 clients like United States Post Office, Volkswagen, Ikea, Loves and BAE, as well as about 1,000 staffing agencies. It works with any Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Visit their website.

HireVue builds a faster, fairer, friendlier hiring process. It improves the way you discover, engage, and hire talent. The enterprise-level software automates workflows to make scaling in hiring easy. They report the following benefits: 90% decrease in time to hire, 16% increase in new hire diversity, 131% return on investment, 22 million interviews. Some of their clients include: Unilever, Foxtel Group, Kraft-Heinz, Dow Jones, and Sodexo. Visit their website.

Avature is a sophisticated recruiting software suite that also includes customizable ATS and CRM systems. To keep pace with the demands of remote hiring, they've launched a video interview platform which gives talent acquisition teams a simple to use solution to screen applicants. They have 650 clients including: 110 of the Fortune 500, 23 of the FTSE 100, 7 of the Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies, 102 Customers with +75,000 employees. Some of their clients include: Delta, Lockheed Martin, Loreal, KPMG, Accenture, AT & T, and CBRE. Visit their website.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Greenhouse provides applicant tracking and it also offers holistic HR administration to create focused interviews. Interview Kits help your recruitment team conduct better interviews and provide relevant feedback without extra training. Manage tasks and track progress through automated communications and alerts. Powerful sourcing tools let you optimize your efforts and track performance. Holistic tracking and reporting provide valuable, actionable insight into every facet of your recruiting process. Improve your hiring brand and impress the best candidates. This software system can be adapted for any team size and can be accessed via the mobile app also. Features include:

  • Easy tracking with the help of candidate scorecards,
  • Creation of customized assessment plans for interviewers to evaluate the right skill set and qualifications
  • Customization of career pages, job boards, and email templates
  • Simplified configuration of reports

Visit their website.

SmartRecruiters provides a Talent Acquisition Suite that enhances sourcing and engagement with candidates. It also offers recruitment marketing solutions. It comes with pre-integrated assessment tools and allows better communication via scheduled notifications and auto-replies. Some of their clients include: Abercrombie & Fitch, Linked In, Visa, McDonalds, and Allegis. Features include:

  • Easy communication and collaboration within the hiring team
  • Easy tracking of message records
  • Increased Consistency with the creation of a template library
  • Personalized tags to manage and coordinate talent pools better
  • Advanced filter search

Visit their website.

Oracle Taleo is a cloud-based software system that provides solutions for talent acquisition, talent development, and talent retention. It offers full automation of recruiting processes. It provides a complete set of tools for sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding. Oracle Taleo is a robust, standalone talent acquisition suite for finding and hiring the best candidates. The Taleo Business Edition provides: Multichannel sourcing (leverages job boards, social media sites, and employee referrals to discover the right talent). Automates common recruiting processes, such as communication and task assignment streamlining recruiter productivity. Gain faster time to productivity and reduce paperwork with an onboarding experience that excites new employees and reflects your company’s culture. Leverage hundreds of partner-sourced solutions, maintained and supported for Oracle Taleo. Some of their clients include: Autozone, Pella, Generali, Schroders, Sainsburys and Vanderbilt University. Features also include:

  • Easy recruitment marketing
  • Increased employee referrals with the use of social media tools
  • Anytime-anywhere data access
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, MyYahoo, and iGoogle

Visit their website.

Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Beamery is a recruitment CRM for attracting passive candidates to a job position. Manage more candidates with fewer resources. It provides everything you need to recruit more proactively and build pipelines of qualified talent. Accelerate time-to-hire, stay ahead of demand and on top of your workload. Take advantage of one click sourcing at scale. Instantly add hundreds of new contacts and their complete, searchable resumes to your database. Save time with automation. New leads can immediately be added to campaigns. This CRM helps companies run their whole sourcing organization on a single platform. Recruiters can make informed, data-driven decisions and predict short term and long-term performance of candidates. Recruiters can use multiple sources to attract candidates. This CRM gives recruiters the tools to source candidates directly from web pages, social media, as well as import existing sourcing lists. Data is organized into comprehensible dashboards. Some of their clients include: Nasdaq, Jabil, AstraZeneca, CocaCola, DocuSign, Continental.

Visit their website.

SmashFly is more than just a recruiting CRM. It can help with event management, referrals, and analytics solutions. SmashFly can conduct automatic candidate sourcing. It can hunt for new candidates based on requirements from your database of interested talent, and then automatically segment candidates into talent pipelines. Once your team has that data and a complete record of every candidate in its database, they can build automatic nurturing campaigns that are triggered by a candidate’s behavior. Symphony Talent (a leader in employer brand services and candidate experience technology) acquired SmashFly Technologies (a pioneer in recruitment marketing and CRM platform). Some of their clients include: Deloitte, Oliver Wyman, SaaS Optics, Crunchbase, DialPad, and User Testing.

Visit their website.

Talemetry enables talent acquisition teams to maximize recruiting results while reducing their costs and manual effort. It provides a solution for companies who want a more marketing-driven approach to their recruitment efforts. Companies can nurture their candidates by using 24/7 chatbots, predictive job recommendations, intelligent job matching, and SMS/text messages to build relationships. Talemetry says the combination of all these features provides candidates with a modern recruitment experience while increasing candidate conversion rates. It brings new functionality to:

Rapidly grow your talent pool: 

Simultaneously search and download across all sources of talent including prebuilt integrations to more than 20 major job boards. Automatically build audiences with scheduled searches and downloads that maximize your available creditsCommunicate with candidates across 44 languages in email and your Join Talent Network widget.

Message more effectively: 

Create the right target audiences from your talent pool with prioritized search criteria, flexible location search, and unlimited custom filters.  Auto-send emails based to newly sourced talent and effortlessly drive candidate engagement.Reinforce your employer brand with emails from your company domain and a branded Talent Network widget

Gain insights to optimize your marketing:

Understand which sources are most effective with pipeline performance reporting.Understand which marketing efforts are working with detailed conversion metrics for your campaigns

Visit their website.

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If you are looking for new technologies that provide Recruitment and Staffing Solutions USA contact us for further discussion of competitive advantages.

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