Online hiring assessments can evaluate a candidate’s personality traits, skills, competencies, cognitive abilities, and work style. Online hiring assessments offer an objective evaluation of a candidate’s job fit and they can predict on-the-job performance. Candidates can take these online assessments from any place in the world, at their convenience, while saving the company travel time and costs. Here are some advantages associated with Online Hiring Assessments:

Candidates Preferences

Candidates prefer taking assessments on a desktop, laptop or mobile phone as opposed to pen-and-paper methods.

Administrative Efficiencies

Administrative staffing time required for organizing and administering assessments is greatly reduced by using online assessments.

Immediate Scoring and Results

Online hiring assessments can simplify the scoring process and the results are available immediately. Using automated scoring systems eliminates the human errors from scoring and it reduces administrative staffing requirements.

Environmental Impacts

Online hiring assessments reduce paper consumption they are more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Assessment Scalability

Online hiring assessments can be administered anywhere in the world via the internet. This reduces the constraints of geographical limitations in the candidate recruitment and assessment process. More candidates can be brought into the recruitment process which increases assessment utility without increasing administrative time burdens.

Assessment Security

The level of assessment security is increased because only the people who are authorized can access the assessment and the results.

Assessment Scheduling Flexibility

Online assessment scheduling offers the opportunity for completing the assessment from anywhere with internet access at the candidate’s convenience. New features such as online remote proctoring enable candidates to take an assessment from their homes securely and conveniently.

Multiple Reports

Multiple reports provide insights into the candidates’ results for different purposes and applications like talent selection, coaching and onboarding, manager-employee fit, team fit and job fit.

More Accurate Hiring Decisions

Online hiring assessments can assist managers in hiring for job fit. Matching the right applicant to the right job leads to increased employee satisfaction, increased productivity and reduced employee turnover.

Minimizes Bias

Using online hiring assessments helps hiring managers and recruiters base their decisions on objective facts instead of depending on a resume or an interview that may introduce biases. Online hiring assessments help companies avoid discrimination based on gender, age, or race since hiring managers will base their decisions on a candidate’s objective results.

Hiring Managers Will Save Time

Online hiring assessments will save hiring managers substantial amounts of time since they will only be interviewing the candidates who have demonstrated high levels of job fit based on the assessment results.

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