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Client Success Stories

A Phoenix, Arizona branch of a national health care company had found itself in a costly, no-win situation. Faced with an over 100% turnover rate within its sales force and ever decreasing sales, it was forced to relocate one of the top Sales Directors in the company in hopes of solving the problem. But after many long hours of hiring, training and hand-holding, the Sales Director realized he was not going to get the desired results from his usual methods.  He turned to HireSmart to discuss the benefits of a Talent Management System.

A Sales Talent Management System was initiated, beginning with a benchmarking study that identified key characteristics of top sales performers. New sales candidates were given HireSmart assessments to determine their degree of fit with the company’s high performer models, and the assessment results increased the accuracy of hiring decisions. As the project progressed, sales performance data and turnover data were reviewed every six months to fine-tune the system and develop even more accurate performance and turnover predictions.

Using a Talent Management System, the Sales Director was able to:

  • Double sales productivity, resulting in the top sales month, sales quarter, and sales year
  • Beat the highest production record for his branch
  • Achieve the best company wide sales record per sales person in the Nation in competitive markets.
  • Reduce the sales staff by 55 percent (from 60 to 28 people) while:
    • Reversing the 80/20 sales rule with 80 percent of his sales force becoming top performers.
    • Increasing average per person sales from a previous high of 17 to an average of 34 per month.
  • Hire a Top Sales Performer with 75% accuracy
  • Minimize the time spent on recruiting, interviewing, training and terminating
  • Assess the Manager-Employee fit to:
    • Improve employee communications
    • Create individualized incentives and rewards
    • Enhance employee engagement and job satisfactions
    • Reduce turnover
  • Create time to develop new initiatives for lead generation providing more quality sales calls
  • Gain a strategic competitive advantage

What could a talent management system do for your business?

Think about the business outcomes listed above in Revenue Per Employee, Cost Per Employee and Profit Per Employee. Contact us today to start the conversation.