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Improve Employee
Customized human resource strategies for
talent recruitment, coaching, and performance
to increase your profit
per employee.
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Increase Business Profits
Comprehensive workforce planning combines
expertise in talent assessment, management
strategy, and performance metrics to increase
business profits.
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See Measurable Results
If you can measure it, you can manage it!
Results from your human capital strategies
are measured so you know the results of
all changes.
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Head towards Success
Over the last 20 years we have worked with
business managers in 24 different industries,
helping them improve employee performance.

HireSmart is a Human Capital Management Company helping businesses across multiple industries hire the best employees and give them the tools to succeed. When you get the right people in the door you will effectively retain employees, improve employee performance, and lower hiring costs.

Human Capital Management (HCM) is a unuique approach to employee staffing that adheres to a set of practices proven to measure and increase the worth of employees. This is a valuable solution for workforce acquisition, workforce management, and workforce optimization.  Our team of human capital consultants will assist you with developing hiring strategies (including the use of pre-employment assessments and/or implementing Total Applicant Processing), employee management strategies, and employee training procedures tailored to your organization’s needs and goals.

Interested in hiring the right person the first time?

Human Capital consulting is the solution. Sign up for a complementary trial of the FirstView pre-employment assessment.

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Thank you for browsing HireSmart to learn more about how human capital consulting can help your organization lead a more productive workforce.

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Our Approach

We are experts in consistently and cost-effectively identifying, hiring, managing, and developing top performers for companies. Our human resource services and systems will increase your organization's bottom line.

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Total Applicant Processing

Through applicant screening, tracking, and ranking tools, the Total-APS system can help you spend less time and money advertising jobs, recognize and prioritize your best candidates, and make more accurate hiring selections.

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Performance Management

A good performance-based management system will motivate a team while providing managers valuable metrics to monitor progress and identify potential issues. HireSmart specializes in developing such systems customized to your goals.

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Success Stories

From a costly, no-win situation to breaking sales records, read about how the Sales Director in a national chain was able to overcome significant human resource challenges to turn his team around with a HireSmart Talent Selection project.

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Why Choose HireSmart as Your Human Capital Consultant to Help Your Company Reduce Turnover, Increase Productivity, and Make Better Hires?

Outcomes need to be monitored, measured and documented, so that clients can determine the cost-benefits obtained and their return on investment.  Without outcome evaluation, no one can know whether the organization moved forward or backward as a result of the new human resource strategy or service.  Outcome evaluation is essential feedback for both the client and the consultant, and something that we focus on here at HireSmart.

Many times it is easier to avoid the challenging truth. But let’s be frank, our clients come to us expecting improvement in their human resource management, and acknowledging that there is room for improvement. As a Human Capital MAnagement Company, we are here to make that happen. We believe that the strongest client relationships and the best client outcomes develop from open and frank communications. Our expectation of open feedback and candid communication goes both ways – between the consultant and the client and vice versa.

In many fields today there is a large chasm between research and practice.  Best practices in any discipline requires an integration of published research findings and tried and tested field methods.  To not take advantage of the available body of human capital management research would be a serious oversight, and is not one that we will make. At HireSmart, we leverage the most recent and available body of knowledge and practices.

Integrity is not about saying the right things or expressing the latest buzzwords. It is also more than knowing the right thing to do in a specific circumstance.  Integrity is consistently making ethical decisions, and it is central to our brand.  Our level of integrity builds long-term relationships, such as with a Fortune 200 client that we have been serving for 15 years and who we continue to serve today.

High standards of excellence are the hallmark of good service.  For us, this means our service performance expectations, business processes and methods, assessment tools and technologies, training and coaching supports and personal accountability.

We apply the scientific method to our human capital management consulting, and by doing so we are able to replicate results with a high degree of consistency. This means continuous progress for your business. The scientific method implies that there is an expected outcome and a clearly defined method to be implemented. It also requires that certain principles of measurement be adhered to so that results are easily observed and documented. Using the most reliable and valid measurements available is another fundamental requirement, but it is unfortunately often overlooked by many consulting organizations – to the detriment of clients.

We take all confidentiality seriously. Because our clients know that all client information is guarded as strictly confidential, they confide even the most sensitive information with us knowing that we will never breach their trust.